Allyce Jones ‘secretly hopes’ her daughter is doubles partner one day

Allyce Jones ‘secretly hopes’ her daughter is doubles partner one day

DALLAS, TX - Allyce Jones is a fan favorite with her charisma and enthusiasm on the pickleball court. 

Despite her packed tournament schedule, Jones has always prioritized family time, too.

In fact, her daughter, Leah, is often spotted sitting on the sidelines during her mom’s matches.

“I’m a full-time mom, but I also homeschool my daughter,” said Jones. “That’s helped our relationship become stronger.”

Leah doesn’t just watch from the stands, though, she also plays.

“I actually train her in pickleball, which she loves,” explained Jones. “I coach her and her teammates in volleyball, basketball, and softball.”

In addition to her coaching duties, Jones is focused on setting a good example for her children.

“My mom and dad were an inspiration to me to work hard at whatever I was doing, and I want to do the same,” said Jones. “I want my daughter and two boys to go all out for their dreams with a work ethic just like their mom.” 

However, Jones is secretly hoping Leah loves pickleball as much as she does.

Perhaps they could player doubles together one day...

“I would love to have her as a partner. She’s 10, so right now I’m just helping her get better,” remarked Jones with a laugh. “I’m not putting anything in her head, but I’m secretly hoping.”

Admittedly, Jones admires the mother-daughter partnership between Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters. 

“I love Leigh and Anna Leigh’s relationship. I think that’d be so fun to do once my daughter’s older,” she concluded. “I see their relationship as a mother and daughter who play together and I would love to be like that with my kid.”

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