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Zane Navratil and Christian Alshon playing pickleball.
Zane Navratil and Christian Alshon competing at the Veolia Austin Open powered by Invited. PPA Tour

Alshon, Navratil down Johns bros to make semis

LAKEWAY, TX - Saturday was already going pretty well for Christian Alshon and Zane Navratil after their comeback victory in the Round of 16.

Now, it’s about as good as it could be after taking down Ben and Collin Johns in the quarterfinals.

It’s been a hectic day for all players competing in the Texas capital, with rain forcing play inside at various facilities in the area.

Despite those challenges, the No. 9 seeds got it done in two games 11-6, 15-13.

“It’s very hard to stay mentally focused when you have so many things to think about other than pickleball because trying to win matches is hard enough as it is” Alshon said.

During the match, Alshon and Navratil continued to play straight up without stacking, which gave both players opportunities to play both sides.

“We had a strategy which was to have very little strategy and just go in swinging,” Alshon said.

‘Go in swinging’ is exactly what they did, as the tandem focused on speeding the ball up at the brothers off the bounce at the kitchen line to gain the upper hand on big points.

They’ll take on No. 3 seeds Federico Staksrud and Pablo Tellez in the semifinals Sunday morning.

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