Tyson McGuffin, wife, and kids walking through an apple orchard.
The McGuffin family. Instagram

Apples and pickleball: The perfect match for McGuffin

DALLAS, TX – Of all the pro sponsorship deals, this certainly ranks as one of the most unique. 

Tyson McGuffin recently signed a one-year sponsorship deal with Cosmic Crisp, a brand of apples you can buy at your local grocery store. 

These Washington-grown apples are a staple in the McGuffin household. 

He shared his excitement about the partnership on social media. 

McGuffin joining forces with Cosmic Crisp isn’t as out of the blue as it may seem because he actually grew up on an apple orchard in Chelan, WA, and his father was an apple grower.  

“If there’s one main thing that we always look for in brand partnerships, it’s that I absolutely love the product and I’ll support the product. I’m pretty unique in a sense of, not only can they see a market brand through me as an athlete, but we can market the brand through my businesses,” said McGuffin in an interview with the Sports Business Journal

McGuffin regularly hosts pickleball camps where the hybrid Enterprise/Honeycrisp apple will be featured, as well as on his social media and web content. 

Tyson McGuffin and family posing with apples
The McGuffin family Instagram

This marks Cosmic Crisp’s first major sports sponsorship as well. 

McGuffin is also sponsored by Miller Lite, SKECHERS, and JOOLA, of course, but I think the apple deal is my favorite. Who cares about beer and pickleball outfits when you’ve got an entire orchard on your side? 

You know what they say, an apple a day will keep your opponents at bay.