Ben Johns newspaper article headline with photo of Johns hitting a pickleball
Ben Johns, pickleball’s first superstar, wins with strategy" article The Washington Post

Ben Johns makes front page of Washington Post

DALLAS, TX – Pickleball is making headlines and earning coveted front-page slots in the national news. 

On June 14, the Washington Post published a story entitled “Ben Johns, pickleball’s first superstar, wins with strategy,” which marked a meaningful victory for the World No. 1 and the sport as a whole, too. 

Founded in 1877, the newspaper is one of the leading publications in the country.

A story like this is a clear indicator that pickleball has most definitely entered the national conversation.

Newspaper clipping of Ben Johns' article featuing black and white photos of Johns' playing
Newspaper clipping of “Ben Johns, pickleball’s first superstar, wins with strategy” article The Washington Post

The interview covers fascinating aspects of America’s fastest-growing sport and how Johns finds success on the court with strategic decision-making and intelligent tactics.  

And the story by journalist Mark Selig was deemed front-page news. 

News paper clip of the front page featuring Ben Johns' article
Newspaper clipping from June 15 The Washington Post

Between this piece and Anna Leigh Waters making the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2023, pro pickleball is only growing in popularity and prestige.