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Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher celebrating after a Championship Monday win in similar navy blue dreses.
Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher at the 2024 Veolia Austin Open. PPA Tour

Best dressed at Veolia Austin Open

LAKEWAY, TX – Despite rain delays and Championship Sunday moving to Championship Monday at the Veolia Austin Open, the pros arrived in the Texas capital dressed for success and sporting a splash of green to mark St. Patrick’s Day.

Here were some of the best dressed pros at tournament:

Kaitlyn Christian

Kaitlyn Christian in a white tennis dress, blue shoes, and black baseball hat
Kaitlyn Christian at the 2024 Veolia Austin Open. PPA Tour

Kicking off the list this week is former tennis player turned pickleball pro, Kaitlyn Christian. She effectively navigated the women’s singles bracket as the No. 16 seed and made it all the way to Championship Monday where she battled fourth-seeded Judit Castillo.

This particular outfit solidified her standing as a champion regardless of the eventual outcome in the gold-medal match. Christian looked sharp in a sleek white tennis dress, which was paired with a beautiful light blue sneaker. She was dressed for success.

Catherine Parenteau 

Catherine Parenteau in all white and light pink shoes
Catherine Parenteau at the 2024 Veolia Austin Open. PPA Tour

Like Christian, Parenteau is another newcomer to the list this season. The No. 2 ranked player in women’s singles and doubles can now add "Best Dressed" to her long list of pickleball accomplishments.

The Canadian wore this sleek all-white ensemble and had pops of pink with her paddle and arm band. The real standout element of her outfit, though, was the light pink Skechers shoes, and because pink is a trending color in pickleball, Parenteau was perfectly dressed for the occasion.

Lauren Stratman and Julian Arnold

Lauren Stratman and Julien Arnold wearing green bottoms and black tops in mixed doubles at Veolia Austin Open
Lauren Stratman and Julien Arnold at the 2024 Veolia Austin Open. PPA Tour

I can always rely on Stratman and Arnold coordinating outfits whenever they play together. Clad in a festive St. Paddy’s green skirt for Stratman and shorts for Arnold with black tops, these two are the textbook example of how easy it is to plan ahead with your doubles partner and make a good impression fashion-wise. Pick a bright color, pair it with a neutral, and boom! The duo instantly catches your attention. 

Anna Bright

Anna Bright in a lavender purple skirt, black top, green shoes
Anna Bright at the 2024 Veolia Austin Open. PPA Tour

Bright truly shone at the Austin Open. She looked absolutely fierce winning a gold medal in mixed doubles alongside Andrei Daescu and another gold in women’s doubles with Rachel Rohrabacher.

Bright tends to favor skirts and dresses for her court attire, and this lavender skirt is gorgeous and the perfect color for springtime pickleball.

Who were your best dressed at the Veolia Austin Open? Let us know on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

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