Best matches of 2023 to rewatch

Best matches of 2023 to rewatch

DALLAS, TX - It’s hard to imagine that we’re just two weeks away from beginning the 2024 pickleball season.

It’s a good thing, too, because December isn’t a great month for pickleball spectators.   Even though there’s a plethora of other sports going on, the only pro pickleball we’ve had since the MLP Playoffs in San Clemente has been Tuesday Night Pickleball once a week.

Going five weeks with so few new pro matches to enjoy can be difficult for some of the sport’s most diehard fans.

We’re lucky, then, that over 10,000 (closer to 10,400—yes, I counted) pro level pickleball matches were played across the PPA, MLP and APP leagues in 2023, leaving us with a multitude of matches to relive as we wait for more memorable matches in the new year.

In all honesty, there are dozens of matches from that are worthy of rewatching, and even more that weren’t played on televised courts. That being said, I’ve limited this list to just three matches per event, in no particular order.

Without further ado, here are some of the best pickleball matches of 2023 to rewatch as we prepare for a fresh campaign.

Women’s Doubles

Andrea Koop/Maggie Brascia v. Anna Leigh Waters/Lea Jansen

MLP Daytona, Semifinals


Mary Brascia/Maggie Brascia v. Anna Bright/Jade Kawamoto

Nationals, Semifinals


Meghan Dizon/Etta Wright v. Allyce Jones/Lea Jansen

PPA Red Rock Open, Finals


Men’s Doubles

Tyson McGuffin/James Ignatowich v. Riley Newman/AJ Koller

Vulcan Tournament of Champions, Finals


Ben Johns/Collin Johns v. JW Johnson/Dylan Frazier

PPA Las Vegas, Finals


JW Johnson/Dylan Frazier v. Andrei Daescu/Rob Nunnery

Lone Palm Pro Player Showcase, Finals


Mixed Doubles

Anna Bright/Riley Newman v. Jorja Johnson/JW Johnson

PPA Arizona Grand Slam, Finals


Parris Todd/Hunter Johnson v. Simone Jardim/Kyle Yates

US Open, Finals


Jade Kawamoto/Riley Newman v. Anna Bright/Andrei Daescu

MLP Dallas, Finals (match starts at 58:00)


Women’s Singles

Anna Leigh Waters v. Lea Jansen

Selkirk Texas Open, Finals


Parris Todd v. Judit Castillo

US Open, Finals


Anna Leigh Waters v. Catherine Parenteau

Nationals, Finals


Men’s Singles

Federico Staksrud v. Ben Johns

PPA Cincinnati, Finals


Connor Garnett v. Federico Staksrud

Vulcan Tournament of Champions, Semifinals


Ben Johns v. Christian Alshon

PPA Finals