Genie Bouchard competing at the North Carolina Cup.
Genie Bouchard competing at the North Carolina Cup. PPA Tour

Bouchard downs Stratman, earns spot in singles quarterfinals

CARY, NC – Genie Bouchard defeated sixth-seeded Lauren Stratman 11-5, 7-11, 11-0 on Thursday at the North Carolina Cup. 

This is huge accomplishment for Bouchard, who earned her first major win since joining the professional pickleball ranks earlier this year.

“I’ve really been putting in the hours. I went to Dallas a few times to go train with the guys over there and practice as much as possible,” she explained. “It’s so different than tennis. People think it’s an automatic transition, but it’s not.”

Bouchard subsequently commented on the Twitter debate sparked by Christian Alshon earlier in the week.

Tennis pro Nick Kyrgios responded to Alshon's post, claiming that tennis is much tougher than pickleball.

“I’d love to play him on the pickleball court. Let’s go Nick! The skill set is so different, especially at the net,” said Bouchard. “The soft touch game, the dinks, the drops are so different than tennis.” 

Bouchard will face second-seeded Catherine Parenteau on Friday in an all-Canadian quarterfinal affair.