Mary Brascia pumping her fists
Mary Brascia at the Selkirk Red Rock Open PPA Tour

“Brascia Nation – A Pickleball Short Doc” released on YouTube

DALLAS, TX – I’d like to formally petition every single pro pickleball player to document their life on tournament days so that I can get an insider’s point of view - because it’s always a fascinating watch. 

Mary Brascia recently teamed up with Tucker and Alyssa Horton of Horton Media to document her Veolia LA Open experience.

“The filming experience was super fun,” said Brascia. “Our dates aligned, so we could coordinate filming the weekend of the Los Cab tournament, which was awesome because Los Cab is home for me, so I felt really comfortable being at my home courts and I had friends around. It was just a really special weekend to document.” 

“The documentary looks amazing. The quality is just great. He told such a wonderful story, and I think it really exemplifies how special pickleball is and the community that surrounds it,” she added. “I really hope it inspires people and families to get out there this summer and give the best sport a shot.” 

Brascia actually earned her college degree in film at Biola University, so she knows a high-quality production when she sees one. 

“It’s so great that we get to promote the sport of pickleball through this type of media,” she explained. 

Are there plans for more pickleball mini-documentaries, Mary?

“Yes. Tucker and I specifically have already talked about making more things in the future, and maybe something on Maggie, so we’ll see. Stay tuned,” she confirmed. “We’re also going to have more pickleball lifestyle and instructional content coming to our YouTube channel. I’m working on a new project right now called “Places to Dink” where I’m going to give insight into the various places someone can go play pickleball when they’re in a given city.”

The more content from this family, the better!

Filmmaker Tucker Horton also shared some behind-the-scenes insight about the making of the film. 

Overall, I highly recommend giving it a watch. It’s only 12 minutes long, and it’s this kind of bite-sized content that makes for an easy watch. It also leaves viewers with a warm and fuzzy feeling since it showcases pickleball as a true family affair for the Brascias. 

The documentary ends with Mary's first-ever gold medal victory in singles at the Selkirk Red Rock Open as well.

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I look forward to watching the future videos.