Collin Johns hits a serve.
Collin Johns competing at the Vizzy Atlanta Open presented by Acrytech. PPA Tour

Explaining the PPA ranking systems

DALLAS, TX - If you look at the PPA Tour rankings page, you’ll see that each player receives two distinct rankings: one under Rank and one under Race.

Rank refers to the 52 Week Ranking, which tracks player performance over the last 52 weeks and calculates players’ ranking points from their top 16 results over that time period.

Race rankings are based off of points earned during the current calendar year. This ranking shows which players have performed the best during the current season.

The Race Rankings are used to determine which players qualify for the season-ending CIBC PPA Tour Finals set to take place Dec. 4-8.

We can see the difference in the two ranking systems by looking at the latest edition of the rankings after last week’s Veolia Sacramento Open presented by Best Day Brewing.

Current PPA Tour Men's Doubles rankings
Current PPA Tour Men's Doubles rankings. PPA Tour

Despite not competing in that tournament, Collin Johns (not his brother Ben) has the No. 1 Race ranking for his performance in this year’s tournaments so far.

The brothers' difference in points might seem strange given that they always play together, but there have been two tournamemts this year where one played without the other. 

Collin made the semifinals alongside Matt Wright in Minnesota when Ben didn't play, and Ben made the quarterfinals with James Ignatowich in Sacramento when Collin didn't play. Because Collin made it further without Ben than Ben did without him, he has more ranking points in The Race.

To his credit, though, Ben still holds down the top spot in the 52 Week Rankings for his consistent success over the past year.

Both sets of rankings are updated after every PPA tournament.