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The Orchard trophy. Arizona Pickleball League

First episode of "Breaking Pickleball" documentary released 

DALLAS, TX – "Breaking Pickleball" is a newly-released sports documentary series that explores the first season of the Arizona Pickleball League (AZ PBL). 

The AZ PBL features the top pickleball players residing in Arizona competing for a season-ending championship.

On April 1, and no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke, the AZ PBL released the first of six episodes via YouTube - for a limited time only.

The filmmakers are privately releasing each episode on the video sharing platform for free, if you sign up through their website.

But, you must watch the content before April 21 because the episodes will be gone for good after that.

Why? Because the filmmakers partnered with a production company and plan on pitching the series to major streaming platforms like Netflix, Apple, Prime video, and Hulu starting in May 2024. 

Since the pitching process takes some time, the episodes will only be live for a limited period, so get watching!

The future of this documentary remains unknown, but every pickleball fan should be rooting for it to find a permanent home for maximum exposure and reach.

Exposure of any kind, especially when it’s highlighting the entertainment value and athleticism involved in high-level pickleball, is a plus for the sport as a whole.

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