Ewa Radzikowska hits a backhand.
Ewa Radzikowska competing for the Frisco Pandas at MLP D.C. Major League Pickleball

Frisco outduels Chicago for fourth DreamBreaker victory

WASHINGTON, D.C. - There’s just something about DreamBreakers and the Frisco Pandas that works.

The team featuring Ewa Radzikowska, John Cincola, Stefan Auvergne, and Allison Phillips downed the Chicago Slice thanks to a strong DreamBreaker performance to secure its second victory in the nation’s capital.

Like usual, forcing the deciding contest came down to mixed doubles. Allison Harris and Brendon Long took the first mixed match for Chicago over Phillips and Cincola, so all the pressure fell to Radzikowska and Auvergne.

They didn’t fold, besting the Slice’s Kelsey Grambeau and Jack Munro to bring singles action to Grandstand Court.

With their mixed doubles win, Radzikowska and Auvergne remain undefeated as a pairing in MLP this season.

“Ewa is a rock on the left side and sets me up with a lot of great looks,” shared the lefty Auvergne. “She’s pretty much everything I could wish for in a mixed doubles partner.”

In the DreamBreaker, it was again Radzikowska who proved to be a difference-maker. The No. 1 overall pick in April’s draft scored a crucial 4-0 rotation with teams tied at 12 to give Frisco a lead it wouldn’t lose.


With another DreamBreaker triumph, the Pandas improve to 4-0 in such matches this season.

Both Frisco and Chicago will be back in action on Sunday, with Frisco set to take on the Brooklyn Aces and the California Black Bears on the docket for Chicago.