Garnett, Smith talk Thanksgiving traditions

Garnett, Smith talk Thanksgiving traditions

DALLAS, TX - It’s that time of year when people across the country travel to gather with loved ones and reflect on everything they’re grateful for while enjoying delicious meals.

PPA Tour pros Connor Garnett and Callie Smith are taking full advantage of some downtime in the schedule to make the most of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Garnett will enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving Day with all the classics - turkey, gravy, and mashed potatoes.

“The stuffing is my favorite for dinner,” said Garnett, who also showcases his baking skills for his loved ones come late November. “I usually make pumpkin pie. I have a few secret ingredients I’ll add to make it amazing.”

Pickleball may be on the Thanksgiving agenda, too.

“Sometimes there’s pickleball. Last year I played with my parents,” shared Garnett. “My aunt and uncle were teaching them the rules and my parents were struggling to keep out of the kitchen, but they picked it up pretty quickly.”

Pickleball aside, Garnett appreciates the opportunity to spend quality time with those closest to him.

“The whole family is together for a great dinner,” mentioned Garnett. “Then, we’ll usually do something active after.”

Smith’s family typically prepares a classic Thanksgiving meal, but this year they’re doing something different.

“No one wanted to do the cooking or clean up, so we’re taking the easy route. We’re going to a restaurant called Tucanos. It’s a Brazilian grill,” said Smith. “After that, we’re going to hang out together all day and play a bunch of games with the kids. We actually love to play some fun games like Hungry Hungry Hippos with the adults, too."

Then, Smith and company are heading to Park City, UT to visit her husband’s family.

“We’re just about being together with grandma, grandpa, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, and nephews, we always have a great time together,” said Smith.

Is pickleball on the menu?

“Probably no pickleball on Thanksgiving, but everyone in my family plays,” noted Smith. “I'm looking forward to a little bit of time off so I can get ready for the PPA Finals next week.”

As far as Smith's favorite Thanksgiving practice is concerned, she keeps things simple.

“A tradition we have is every year is we’ll go around the dinner table and share something we’re thankful and grateful for in this life,” said Smith.

After all, family, good food, and giving thanks is what this holiday is really all about.