Thomas and Brittany Wilson smiling courtside looking at their baby girl.
Thomas, Brittany, and Holyn Wilson at the Pickleball Central Indoor USA Championships. PPA Tour

Happy Father’s Day to the pro pickleball dads

DALLAS, TX – Happy Father’s Day to all the pickleball dads out there who played the sport before we did, cheer us on courtside, and help us practice our third shot drops. 

The pros are a pretty diverse group, including some dads, so here are some photos of fathers and kiddos that will certainly warm your heart.  

DJ Young

Young might be the most recent of the new pro pickleball dads. On March 23, Young and his fiancée, Courtney Horvath, welcomed their baby girl, Leighton, making today his first-ever Father’s Day as a new dad. 

Thomas Wilson

After Wilson and his wife, Brittany, announced the adoption of baby girl, Holyn, they bring the third member of the family with them to every single tournament.

Holyn is already especially well-travelled and witnessing some of the best moments in pickleball history sitting courtside with her mom. 

The Wilsons are making some sweet memories on the road and melting our hearts along the way. 

Tyson McGuffin

McGuffin has a full household with his wife, Megan, and four kids.

Here’s a heartwarming photo of the youngest McGuffin, Banks, at the Carvana Mesa Arizona Cup, cheering on her dad. 

Tyson McGuffin holding his daughter, Banks, on a pickleball court
Tyson and Banks McGuffin at the Veolia Desert Ridge Open PPA Tour

The McGuffins are superstars at sharing snippets of family life on social media.

Jay Devilliers

We’ve got a few girl dads on the pro tour, but Devilliers has three sons with his wife, Aleksandra.

The Devilliers family loves to celebrate the sweet moments of family life, like birthdays, building a snowman, and taking epic family ski vacations.

Jack Sock

Jack Sock is another new dad who'll be celebrating his first Father’s Day this year.

Jack and his wife, Laura, welcomed their first child, Brody, who was quickly initiated into the picklesphere.

From Laura setting up a play area for Brody courtside, to "Bring your baby to work day" at the North Carolina Cup, it gives you all the warm and fuzzy feelings. 

From the coaching dads to the ones sitting courtside watching their kids achieve their dreams, fatherhood and pickleball go hand-in-hand, and it couldn’t be sweeter. 

Happy Father’s Day from!