Yana Newell hits a forehand dink.
Yana Newell competing for the SoCal Hard Eights in 2023. Major League Pickleball

Hard Eights bring back former champion Newell

DALLAS, TX - The SoCal Hard Eights are bringing a familiar face back to the squad: Yana Newell.


Newell will replace Christine Maddox on the team that she helped lead to a Season 2 title in 2023.

She will now join Irina Tereschenko, Erik Lange, and Max Manthou on the quest to bring another title to southern California.

The Hard Eights have been active on the waiver wire so far Friday, trading down twice from their initial No. 3 pick slot. Adding Newell is the first roster change the team has made.

SoCal currently sits in eighth place in the Challenger Level standings and will hope that this move helps the team move up in future events.