Ella Cosma standing on a podium with three gold medals around her neck
Ella Cosma with her singles, doubles and mixed doubles gold medals in Southern California. Junior PPA

Ella Cosma makes history as Junior PPA's first female Triple Crown winner

DALLAS, TX – At the Select Medical Orange County Cup in June, Junior PPA player Ella Cosma became the tour's first female to capture a Triple Crown.

The 15-year-old caught the pickleball bug after discovering the sport just two years ago, and it wasn't long before her mother, Angie, started playing as well.

Now, Ella is winning medals and enjoying remarkable success.

“It felt really cool because there are so many talented junior players out there, and I know that there’s going to be many others,” said Ella. “I’m excited I got to be the first girl to do win a Triple Crown.”

“I think that the support pouring in for her was very appreciated,” added Angie. “It made it that much sweeter.”

Getting to this point hasn't been easy for Ella.

She dealt with physical and emotional hardships because of medical issues.

“To see her from being in a hospital bed to now on the court looking strong, powerful, and mentally tough, it was emotional for me,” explained Angie. 

Angie isn’t just Ella’s mom and fervent supporter, she’s also her women’s doubles partner.

Ella and Angie Cosma smiling with their gold medals together
Ella and Angie Cosma celebrating a win Angie Cosma
“We're very close, so I just felt very happy for her,” shared Angie. “It’s cool for her to make pickleball history because we stepped into this pickleball journey together, not expecting much, and it’s neat to see her make her mark.”

“We’ve had a really special bond our entire lives, so being on the court with her is like a reflection of our relationship because we’re still learning and growing together,” noted Ella. 

Any parent-and-child doubles partnership has advantages and disadvantages on the court, of course, but just look at Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters, who were a mother-daughter doubles duo not so long ago. It can work.  

“We’re both competitive and driven, so it can get emotional if we’re having a tough time,” mentioned Angie. “But, I’m proud of how we have conversations afterwards and we figure out how to grow, improve, and apply it to our next tournament.”

For the Cosmas, communication and gratefulness mark their relationship. 

Ella and Angie Cosma smiling to the camera with their arms around each other
Ella and Angie Cosma Angie Cosma

“It’s really special for me to share the court with Ella because of our backstory, and I don’t think a lot of parents get to share sports with their kids in this way. I know how lucky I am,” praised Angie. “I also know it’s not going to last very long because Ella’s just getting so good. I’ll be supporting her from the sidelines pretty soon. But, it’s one of the greatest times of my life right now and I’m excited to let the story unfold.”


For her efforts, Ella even got a mention on the "King of the Court" podcast with hosts Jimmy Miller and Tyler Loong.

“I was so surprised, and it was really cool to hear my name,” she said with a smile. 

Ella's energy and enthusiasm for America's fastest-growing sport is simply off the charts.

In fact, the first thing she wanted to do after returning home to Washington state was play more pickleball.

This Junior PPA starlet is certainly one to watch.