Dekel bar hits a pickleball forehand.
Dekel Bar competing for the D.C. Pickleball Team at MLP Atlanta. Major League Pickleball

Mixed doubles powers D.C. Pickleball Team’s second Sunday win

PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA - For about a six-minute period Saturday afternoon, it looked like we were almost certainly headed for our third DreamBreaker in four matches on Championship Court.

But the D.C. Pickleball Team had other plans.

D.C.’s Rachel Rohrabacher and James Ignatowich found themselves trailing JW and Jorja Johnson of the Dallas Flash 0-7 in the fourth game of the match.

They were looking to close out the Flash after Allyce Jones and Dekel Bar’s 25-23 victory against Hurricane Tyra Black and Augie Ge gave D.C. a 2-1 advantage.

After falling into that early hole, Rohrabacher and Ignatowich went on a 25-12 tear to close out the match and secure the 3-1 victory behind an especially impressive left-side performance from Ignatowich.


“They came out really clean,” Ignatowich said of the rough start. “JW and Jorja are a top three mixed team in the sport, so we were the underdog going into that in my mind. Honestly, I was thinking about our DreamBreaker matchups when we got down. I don’t really know what happened, and then we won.”

Sometimes, it’s just as simple as that—even at the pro level.

With the win, D.C. finishes its Atlanta campaign with a 3-1 record, while Dallas finishes at 2-2.