MLP Announces Upcoming Championship for 2023

MLP Announces Upcoming Championship for 2023

MLP has announced that they will hold their Season 2 Championship to finish out the 2023 schedule of events.

In Season 2, Orlando Squeeze won the first MLP event of the season against D.C. Pickleball Team in Atlanta., while D.C. won the second event of the season against Orlando in Dallas.

Maybe we’ll find out which one is the best team in Major League Pickleball.

MLP announced that Orlando and D.C., as well as Chicago Slice and Miami Pickleball Club, have qualified for the Season 2 Championship, which will be Dec. 4-5 in San Clemente, Calif., with matches airing on ESPN2 and Tennis Channel. MLP’s YouTube channel will also provide event coverage.

Meanwhile, the top three teams at the Challenger Level will compete as well. St. Louis Shock and California BLQK Bears will play off against each other with the winner getting to take on SoCal Hard Eights for the Challenger title for Season 2.

The event will start at 8 a.m (PST) on Monday, Dec. 4. The Championship is set for noon on Tuesday, Dec. 5. Tickets for both days are free.

MLP will be using Life Time San Clemente to hold the Championship, and the PPA Finals will kick-off at the same venue a few days later on Thursday, Dec. 7.

D.C. is headed up by Riley Newman, Christian Alshon, Jade Kawamoto, and Jackie Kawamoto, who topped Orlando earlier this month in Dallas. Orlando has Zane Navratil, Andrei Daescu, Rachel Rohrabacher and Anna Bright. 

Chicago Slice is led by Ben Johns, who is teamed with Erik Lange, Jessie Irvine, and Lacy Schneemann. Miami has Tyson McGuffin, Federico Staksrud, Tyra Black, and Mary Brascia. 

Chicago beat Miami in the first round of the playoffs in Dallas, then fell to Orlando. D.C. beat Brooklyn, then Orlando, going 6-0 in the playoffs to win the Dallas title. Christian Alshon from D.C. was awarded MVP for that event.

See MLP's announcement for the full schedule of play.