Order of play for Thursday's singles matches at PPA Finals

Order of play for Thursday's singles matches at PPA Finals

SAN CLEMENTE, CA - The CIBC PPA Finals start on Thursday with men's and women's singles matches.

Today's action will be broadcast on PickleballTV, Tennis Channel and YouTube.

*Note: Lea Jansen withdrew from singles due to medical issues.

Here is the order of play at Life Time: (All times in PT)

Championship Court

10 a.m. - Ben Johns v. Connor Garnett
11 a.m. - Anna Leigh Waters v. Mary Brascia
12 p.m. - Tyson McGuffin v. JW Johnson
1 p.m. - Catherine Parenteau v. Lacy Schneemann
2 p.m. - Ben Johns v. Christian Alshon
3 p.m. - Anna Leigh Waters v. Lauren Stratman

Grandstand 1

10 a.m. - Federico Staksrud v. Tyson McGuffin
11 a.m. - Lauren Stratman v. Judit Castillo
12 p.m. - Ben Johns v. Jay Devilliers
1 p.m. - Anna Leigh Waters v. Judit Castillo
2 p.m. - Federico Staksrud v. JW Johnson
3 p.m. - Catherine Parenteau v. Irina Tereschenko

Grandstand 2

10 a.m. - Christian Alshon v. Jay Devilliers
11 a.m. - Catherine Parenteau v. Yana Newell
12 p.m. - Christian Alshon v. Connor Garnett
1 p.m. - Lauren Stratman v. Mary Brascia
2 p.m. - Tyson McGuffin v. Pablo Tellez
3 p.m. - Mary Brascia v. Judit Castillo

Grandstand 3

10 a.m. - JW Johnson v. Pablo Tellez
11 a.m. - Lacy Schneemann v. Irina Tereschenko
12 p.m. - Federico Staksrud v. Pablo Tellez
1 p.m. - Irina Tereschenko v. Yana Newell
2 p.m. - Connor Garnett v. Jay Devilliers
3 p.m. - Lacy Schneemann v. Yana Newell

Once the abovementioned matches are complete, semi-final action will be played entirely on Championship Court to determine which players advance to Championship Sunday.

Here is the order of play:

4 p.m. - Men's Singles Semifinal #1
5 p.m. - Women's Singles Semifinal #1
6 p.m. - Men's Singles Semifinal #2
7 p.m. - Women's Singles Semifinal #2