Pickleball podcasts you need in your life

Pickleball podcasts you need in your life

DALLAS, TX - Pickleball podcasts are the perfect way to take your love of the sport to new heights.

Whether you’re looking for interviews, insider’s knowledge on tournaments, or looking for gameplay advice to level up, these podcasts provide the kind of content you’re seeking.

King of the Court

Hosted by Tyler Loong and Jimmy Miller, this podcast is perfect for deep dives into tournament play. Some of my favorite topics include conspiracy theory chatter from time to time and the latest information on rivalries and industry secrets. There are some great Q&As at the end of every episode, too. It’s the podcast for listeners who really want to know what’s going on behind the scenes in pro pickleball.

Pickleball Studio Podcast

This podcast hosted by Chris Olson and Will Chaing discusses a few staples of pickleball content - tournament recaps, interviews with players, and PPA/MLP merger news.

Where this podcast really shines is their paddle talk. Olson and Chaing provide an expert knowledge when they delve into the intricacies of paddle technology.

With hour-long episodes, they predict paddle trends for 2024, review and recommend paddles based on skill level and gameplay goals, and dive into specific topics like lead tape transforming a paddle. This is the podcast for all your paddle inquiries.

MaryGoRound Podcast with Pickleball Pro Mary Brascia

From Selkirk TV, Mary Brascia hosts the MaryGoRound Podcast. With episodes clocking in around 30 minutes, Brascia focuses primarily on interviews, giving her content a unique voice and perspective.

Brascia has interviewed the No. 1 senior pro pickleball player in the world, Mattias Johansson, former NFL player turned pickleball ACE Shea McCellin, and even the ultimate pickleball dad, Mr. Brascia. This podcast gives listeners a different set of voices to listen to in the picklesphere.

The James Ignatowich Show

Presented by Selkirk TV, The James Ignatowich Show is the perfect podcast for listeners who are looking for shorter and more digestible interviews that run under 30 minutes. Ignatowich provides an insider’s perspective with conversations and banter with fellow pros as they break down and recap the latest tournament.

He also does solo Q&A episodes to answer technical questions from listeners, like how to get better attacking. His hot takes around tennis versus pickleball make for good content, too.

Briones Pickleball Podcast

This podcast is great for those eager to level up their game. Host Jordan Briones is a pickleball coach who enjoys sharing his knowledge on topics like being proactive versus reactive, correcting bad habits, and hundreds of other creative tips and tricks.

This is the perfect podcast for education and teaching players at any skill level.

Sorry not Sorry Pickleball

If you’re looking for a breakdown of how Ben Johns and The Chicago Slice made their incredible comeback during the MLP Super Finals, this is the podcast for you. Host Chris Cali breaks down the most significant moments in any match.

Cali breaks down the action on YouTube with gameplay clips to make things even more interesting.

With episodes averaging 40 minutes, he does an oustanding job discussing the finer details of matches that will undoutedly educate and entertain.

Tennis Sucks Podcast

This podcast’s tagline really says everything listeners need to know before pressing play, “Do you see a tennis court and think, ‘Man, I wish that was a pickleball court!’ If so, this podcast is for you.”

Hosted by Travis Rettenmaier and Graham D’Amico, this podcast is a staple for tournament recaps, news coverage, and sit down in person interviews with pros like Anna Bright with an insider’s look into paddle testing frustrations, gameplay, and predictions for 2024 doubles partners.

The McGuffin Show

Who knew that beloved pro Tyson McGuffin also had a knack for podcasting? With episodes ranging from 30-90 minutes, listeners can find anything and everything in this podcast.

For example, there are deep dives on a pickleball pro’s physical therapy and advice for healthier pickleball, interviews with personal trainers, and predictions about what the 2024 season has in store.

Eddie and Webby Podcast

The Eddie and Webby Podcast is a bit different than the other podcasts on this list.

Just watch the first 20 seconds of Dinking Around to enjoy their memorable intro song. It’s a bit more lighthearted and fun, thanks to their dedication to producing high-quality content they’re passionate about, like craft beer, technology, and most importantly, pickleball.

The hosts have been podcasting about pickleball for over five years. Comedy aside, these guys know their pickleball and do a great job of making listeners smile.

There are so many other excellent pickleball podcasts out there, and once you get hooked on one, you’ll start listening to them all.