JOOLA's Gen 3 paddle lineup.
JOOLA's Gen 3 paddle lineup. JOOLA Pickleball

Refunds and legal action: the latest on the JOOLA Gen 3 paddles

DALLAS, TX - In the wake of USA Pickleball’s decision to uphold its ban of the JOOLA Gen 3 paddles, JOOLA released a statement that has potentially massive implications for the future of pickleball.


First of all, the company says that it will issue refunds to everyone who purchased one of the Gen 3 paddles between the dates of April 16 and June 15.

In addition to issuing refunds, JOOLA will also pursue legal action to dispute the decision and the process used by USAP to test and approve paddles.

JOOLA isn’t the only entity seeking legal action surrounding the Gen 3 paddles, however.

Florida-based law firm Edwards Henderson announced Wednesday afternoon that it is bringing a class-action lawsuit against JOOLA for its handling of the situation.

The plaintiff in the suit is suing for $5 million in damages, which you can read about in more detail here.

Even with USAP having made its decision about the Gen 3 paddles, it’s apparent that this saga of pickleball news is far from over.