The grand opening of Rhythm and Rally.
Macon Mayor Lester Miller and company at the grand opening of Rhythm and Rally. @playrhythmandrally Instagram

Rhythm and Rally: Macon’s pickleball haven

DALLAS, TX - They say everything’s bigger in Texas, but if we’re talking pickleball, that’s not necessarily true.

Pickleball is actually the biggest in Georgia.

Macon, to be exact.

That’s been the case since December, when Rhythm and Rally Sports and Events opened up in the two stories of what used to be a Belk department store.

With 32 climate-controlled courts, day-use lockers, and a pro shop, Rhythm and Rally stands alone as the largest indoor pickleball facility in the world at 166,000 square feet.

Given the growing number of places to enjoy America’s fastest-growing sport, that’s quite an accomplishment.

The facility has already hosted several local and regional tournaments since opening its doors, including one for Valentine’s Day that had over 850 participants from 17 states.

Those numbers make it the largest pickleball tournament to ever take place in Macon, a city known for its rich musical history.

The name Rhythm and Rally is a nod to that history.

“We needed a name and a brand that would stand out and that would recognize our musical heritage and our growing strength in sports, including pickleball,” explained Macon Mayor Lester Miller at a November press conference.

But while the name alludes to the city’s past, there’s hope that the facility will have a positive impact on Macon's future economic prospects, too.

“This is something to be excited about because of all the opportunities it opens up in our community,” said Mayor Miller. “Not just for the people playing, but because the dollars they bring in will help fund things like public safety, housing, and better roads.”

According to a press release about the facility’s opening, Rhythm and Rally is one of several projects in the ‘Macon Mall Rejuvenation Project,’ one of which also includes plans for a 10,000+ person outdoor amphitheater.

The future is bright for the Macon Mall—and Macon-Bibb County at large—with pickleball leading the way.