Pickleball events spaces are popping up everywhere these days.

The boom in pickleball social spaces

DALLAS, TX - It seems like every major city has a brand new pickleball event space with at least a dozen indoor courts, a restaurant, bar, and other games like cornhole and ping pong.

These aren't your typical country clubs, but more like fun hubs that cater to a wide demographic interested in enjoying America's fastest-growing sport.

From Elon Musk’s new courts and bodega, to pickleball facility franchises like Pickleball Kingdom, pickleball event spaces are popping up everywhere.

So, why are these facilities so popular?

The demand for more courts

As pickleball grows in popularity, so does the demand for more courts. If you don’t have the luxury of a backyard court, fighting for a spot on your local community court can get a little tricky... and there’s nothing worse than arriving at a venue ready to play and finding out there’s no availability anytime soon.


Pickleball event spaces help eliminate this issue by offering the option to reserve a court and guaranteeing playing time. Indoor courts also guarantee playing time year-round, regardless of weather conditions. The construction of more indoor courts means more opportunities to play on a regular basis and more chances to make pickleball memories in the process.

Pickleball is social

One of the main reasons why people love pickleball so much is the social aspect of the game. It’s a sport you can’t really play alone, and anyone at any stage of life can hop on a court and join the action. Since pickleball is inherently social, it's a natural fit for event spaces everywhere.

Throw in a spot for a quick bite to eat or a bar nearby to cheers new friends, and you've created the kind of place enthusiasts will flock to any day of the week.


People love experiences

With the holidays just behind us, I think we all can agree that giving gifts can be a stressful part of the season. Sure, presents can be great, but what really last a lifetime are experiences. Time spent with friends and loved ones matter so much more than physical objects.

With that in mind, more of these experience-based facilities are readily popping up in metropolitan areas. Play mini golf with friends while watching your favorite team on TV at  Puttshack, or visit an immersive multi-media museum like Meow Wolf. These event spaces that cater more towards creating unique experiences and memorable moments are trending, and businessowners have focused their efforts on adding pickleball to the mix, too.

With facilities across the country, Chicken N Pickle offers customers private and group lessons to take your pickleball skills to the next level. Some of these places have live music on weekends, trivia nights, clinics, and Sunday brunch. These kinds of spots are adaptable and can become community hubs in big cities.


Making memories with friends, family, and doubles partners are some of the most valuable things in life, and that’s why places like Chicken N Pickle will continue to thrive.

Besides, who doesn’t want to go dink around with some friends indoors when it’s pouring rain outside?

Cover photo credit: Chicken N Pickle - @chickennpicklehq