The Johns brothers won gold in men's doubles on Sunday.

Same, but different: Johns brothers victorious in Palm Springs

PALM SPRINGS, CA - For the second tournament in a row, Ben and Collin Johns beat Riley Newman and Thomas Wilson in four games on Championship Sunday for the men’s doubles title.

In their last matchup at the PPA Finals, the Johns brothers narrowly escaped in games three and four, winning 11-9 and 12-10, respectively.

Today’s match, however, looked a little different.

After splitting the first two games like in their last match, the No. 1 seeds found another level to handily take games three and four 11-4, 11-2.

Ben was especially active in the latter stages of the match, constantly pressuring Newman and Wilson at the kitchen line and threatening to take advantage of any attackable balls.

“I feel like when I’m moving that much and feeling that energetic, I’m never worried about anything,” he said.

That energy might be the result of a new nutritional plan that Ben has crafted for himself for 2024.

“I’m a foodie, so I enjoy a lot of things,” he shared. “But as of this year, I’ve become much stricter about what I’m eating and putting into my body.”

This new nutritional plan is already paying dividends for the World No. 1.