Pablo Tellez and Federico Staksrud playing pickleball.
Pablo Tellez and Federico Staksrud celebrating a victory at the Veolia Houston Open. PPA Tour

Staksrud, Tellez to end partnership after Selkirk Red Rock Open

DALLAS, TX - Federico Staksrud and Pablo Tellez have earned nine men’s doubles medals since they began playing together full time in 2023, but the pair are allegedly calling it quits after this week’s Selkirk Red Rock Open.

Tellez revealed on a recent episode of DJ Young’s podcast Conversations with DJ that this tournament will mark the end of the pair’s run for the time being.

“We started this year with expectations to compete against the Johns brothers and to compete against JW [Johnson] and Dylan [Frazier],” he shared. “We just haven’t been able to do that consistently.”

It’s true that the pair hasn’t been competing for golds week in and week out so far in 2024, but Staksrud and Tellez have been consistently solid together this year. They have finished no worse than 8th in any tournament and have earned three medals (two bronze and one silver) in eight events.

This split of one of the top men’s doubles teams in pickleball may lend itself to new partnerships at future tournaments.

We’ll see this in action at the Vizzy Atlanta Slam in May, where Staksrud is slated to play alongside Matt Wright.

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