Taylor Swift playing pickleball next to her album cover and Sam Querrey's album version.
Taylor Swift, The Tortured Poets Department album cover, Sam Querrey's version. PPA Tour

Taylor Swift plays pickleball

DALLAS, TX – Breaking news, people! Arguably the most famous and influential person in pop culture, Taylor Swift, has entered the picklesphere and confirmed that she plays America's fastest-growing sport, too.

The news broke following the release of Swift's 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, when she posted a YouTube short for the “Fortnight” challenge to celebrate her new single.


In the video, Swift shares a variety of clips where she’s engaging in various activities, including sewing, cooking... and playing pickleball.

This short clip of Swift swinging a paddle made the Internet go bananas, myself included. Welcome to the picklesphere, Taylor Alison Swift!

Taylor Swift swinging a pickleball paddle
Taylor Swift playing pickleball YouTube

Swift sports a gorgeous three-tiered lavender skirt, perfect for the "Lavender Haze" singer, paired with a simple white top and brown sunglasses. If she was at a tournament, she’d certainly make the Best Dressed list with that timeless look. 

Fans of Swift immediately took to the Web to find out which skirt she was wearing in the clip. It’s actually a pirouette skirt from Pop Flex Active, and it's sold out, of course.

I understand why Swifties rushed to purchase the skirt. It’s unbelievably flattering and girly. And if it’s Swift approved, it’s obviously approved for the rest of us. 

While it’s difficult to tell what brand of paddle Swift is using (though if we could, I guarantee that would also sell out), the Kansas City Chiefs logo printed on the face of the paddle is highly visible. It's a clear nod to her current boyfriend, Travis Kelce, a tight end for the back-to-back Super Bowl champs.

The pickleball community was absolutely delighted when Swift published the post, and my feed was flooded with the breaking news that she's a pickleballer.

The Memes of Pickleball page on Instagram even got involved in Swiftie-mania. 

We can only speculate whether or not Swift is actually a frequent player, but I imagine that given her height, her reach is pretty darn good. And if Kelce is on the other side of the court, she’s definitely getting a good workout.

Was pickleball a part of her Eras Tour workout regime? Could be. 

There are lots of Swifties on the pro pickleball circuit. Sam Querrey recreated her album cover, and Ben Johns and Anna Bright shared their excitement about the new album release at the Veolia LA Open

Long story short, I think we can officially say that Swift is Down Bad for pickleball.