Callie Smith and Lucy Kovalova wearing similar green dresses on the pickleball court.
Lucy Kovalova and Callie Smith at the Veolia Houston Open. PPA Tour

Best dressed at the Veolia Houston Open

DALLAS, TX – We’re making headlines with the latest edition of "Best Dressed" because two men made the list, along with a few new faces as well. 

Did the Veolia Houston Open feature some of the best looks in pro pickleball fashion?

Here's a closer look at some of the top outfits at the tournament: 

Ava Ignatowich

Ava Ignatowich in light blue skirt and white top
Ava Ignatowich at the Veolia Houston Open. PPA Tour

Ava looked absolutely adorable in this sky blue pleated tennis skirt and sleek white tank top. It’s a color combo that truly never goes out of style, and it's flattering on everyone. She’s definitely one to watch for outfit inspiration. 

Jack Foster

Jack Foster wearing a color blocked shirt
Jack Foster at the Veolia Houston Open. PPA Tour

It’s definitely a win when a man cracks the list because the women are always looking fierce. Foster played singles in this color-blocked polo shirt that I hadn’t seen on the court before. Paired with black shorts and white shoes, the whole outfit is the perfect example of how the pro men can easily look fresh in competition. 

Lucy Kovalova and Callie Smith

Lucy Kovalova and Callie Smith in similar green dresses
Lucy Kovalova and Callie Smith at the Veolia Houston Open. PPA Tour

These two ladies just know how to look amazingly chic every single time they hit the court together with outfits that are wonderfully color coordinated. For the Veolia Houston Open, they went with bold green, and I loved it. Lucy and Callie never disappoint in the fashion department. 

Hurricane Tyra Black 

Hurricane Tyra Black in a white skirt and mesh pink top
Hurricane Tyra Black at the Veolia Houston Open. PPA Tour

Black loves a mesh element in her looks, and honestly, I can’t blame her. No one else is wearing anything like this, and it makes Black stand out for all the right reasons. It’s youthful, sporty, and feminine. She's always a fashion champion at tournaments. 

Jack Munro

Jack Munro wearing a matching black and gray set
Jack Munro at the Veolia Houston Open. PPA Tour

The was a bold choice, and I respect it. A matching patterned shirt and shorts can be risky, but this set works because it’s a neutral black and gray pattern so the whole ensemble isn’t overwhelming. Welcome to the best dressed list, Jack! 

Camila Zilveti 

Camila Zilveti in a white skirt and black tank top
Camila Zilveti at the Veolia Houston Open. PPA Tour

Here’s another newcomer on the list. Zilveti went for a simple, classic outfit that’s a textbook example of how to look nice without doing anything too bold or over the top. Sporting a simple white tennis skirt, black V neck tank top, and white visor, Zilveti looks sleek. I also love the addition of the two braids, highlighting a new hairstyle trend off the court as well. Sometimes, simple is best!

Who made your best dressed list from the Veolia Houston Open? Leave us a comment on Instagram and X(formerly Twitter).