Partial view of tennis player, knee high socks, white shoes, and white racket
Tennis player Shutterstock

"Tenniscore" fashion for pickleball players

DALLAS, TX – My feed is flooded with “tenniscore” fashion right now, and I honestly can’t complain about it. Because I’m obsessed.

I’m a sucker for a pleated A-line mini skirt on the pickleball court, but tenniscore is really taking spring and summer fashion to the next level. 


What is tenniscore?

Inspired by traditional tennis silhouettes and styles, tenniscore is an athletic aesthetic that’s sporty, preppy, and classic. Think quiet luxury, but at a country club where you just finished your lesson with the local suave tennis coach.  

It’s pleated skirts, collared tops, polos, graphic tees, oversized knit sweaters, white sneakers, and ankle socks. All with a minimal color pallet like black or white, and a pop of red, blue, or emerald green. 

So, why is tenniscore on-trend?

  • 1. TikTok – If it goes viral there, it’s going viral everywhere. 
  • 2. It’s comfortable – With athleisure looks and fabrics, you’re comfortable, while still looking fashionable.
  • 3. It’s springtime, so people are playing racket sports again after the winter season.
  • 4. The “Challengers” movie.

Zendaya is the star of the film that recently hit theaters. Her press tour red carpet looks were the sole reason I had to go see it – for the tennis fashion.  

She rocked a variety of luxury “tenniscore” fashion that miraculously elevated classic tennis silhouettes to the red carpet.

Zendaya in luxurious tennis dresses on a red carpet
Zendaya on Challengers movie press tour Us Weekly

Zendaya wore a high neck collared white dress embroidered with little tennis rackets and somehow made it elegant and chic. 

Another favorite of mine was the tennis shoe outfit. These white pointy toed pumps were no ordinary heel. They feature an actual tennis ball on the heels, which is the most fun detail I’ve ever seen. 

Not to mention the rest of the outfit – a sparkly mini tennis dress with a plunging neckline. This look makes me want more sparkles on the court. 

Besides, if Zendaya is rocking tenniscore fashion, we all want to as well. 


Tenniscore is also just the embodiment of spring and summertime classic, chic fashion. A style that is so flattering on so many different body types, and you can put your own spin on it. 

Despite the fact that it’s trending, it’s not overtly “trendy,” meaning these fits and styles aren't the type that you’ll look back on in five years and think: “I can’t believe I wore that and thought it was cool.”

Because these styles are timeless.

You'll never regret a simple pleated tennis skirt. Or a collared tank top. While it sways more towards “preppy” and country club chic, anyone can put their own spin on tenniscore fashion and find the best combinations that suit your wardrobe, budget, and body. 

From affordable Target finds to high end luxury, tenniscore fashion is accessible. 

Staple items and styles for tenniscore fashion:

  • - Pleated A-line skirts
  • - Collared tops 
  • - Oversized sweaters 
  • - Stripes 
  • - Simple color pallet, like all white with a pop of green, blue, or red
  • - Ankle socks
  • - White cloth headband, bows, visors, all the fun sporty chic accessories 

While it’s called tenniscore, it’s another racket sport that I’m certainly taking inspiration from when I play pickleball. 

Besides, who cares if you play well as long as you look good playing. 

At least, that’s my philosophy.