Augie Ge competing on the PPA Tour during the 2024 season.
Augie Ge competing on the PPA Tour during the 2024 season. PPA Tour

Twenty minutes with Augie Ge

DALLAS, TX - There are many great and exciting things about the PPA Tour, but one of my personal favorites is seeing new players join the fold and make waves.

This year, one of the main up and comers is Augie Ge. He burst on to the scene at the Desert Ridge Open earlier this year. The then-relatively unknown Ge medaled in mixed doubles with Tyra Black. That jump started his pro pickleball career.

I had the chance to sit down with Augie at the Select Medical Orange County Cup to check in with him and see how his pro career is going.
Me: How did you get introduced to pickleball?
Augie: I first played in middle school in Phoenix where I grew up. Loved it from the first time I played.
Me: And how did that start progress to being a pro?
Augie: I didn’t play again for awhile, but picked it up when I was in school back in Rhode Island. I visited Arizona and played with pro Nico Montoya, who was my friend from junior tennis. After that, in late 2022, I started thinking about it more, as I knew Hunter Johnson and Yates Johnson were pickleball pros and I had experience playing tennis with them.
Me: I know you had another career though...
Augie: Yes, I have a Masters in biostatistics and was working in the pharmaceutical industry.
Me: So, how did you balance that high level position with a desire to try pro pickleball?
Augie: Well, my employer sort of made the decision for me; I was laid off in November, 2023. I decided then to give full time pickleball a shot.
Me: Well, it sure looks like you made the right decision!  It didn’t take you long to break through, I think everyone remembers how well you did at Desert Ridge.
Augie: Yes, I owe Tyra Black a lot for that one. I love playing with her, she is a great partner. 
Me: How are her drives (laughing)?
Augie: Her drives are great! (Also laughing)
Me: You were drafted Premier in MLP, which was a big jump for you. How do you like MLP?
Augie: I love playing MLP. My teammates are great, the team management is great, everyone associated with Dallas has been awesome.
Me: I hope so, I picked Dallas at the start of the season to win it all!
Augie: We are going to give it our best shot.
Me: How was it being drafted?
Augie: The draft was great. I was at the North Carolina PPA event. I was hanging out with a bunch of other pros. We were all on our phones, watching the picks and constantly refreshing.
Me: Did you know you were going to be picked? Did teams contact you before the draft?
Augie: Yes, I had several teams contact me before the draft. Both Premier and Challenger. But Dallas was not one of them. I read your mock drafts and you had me going Premier, so I just kept hoping you were right!
Me: It must have been a thrill to see your name pop up?
Augie: It was! I wasn’t even sure JW Johnson and Jorja Johnson knew who I was! Then my name popped up on the screen, I let out a yell, and Dallas called me to confirm the news.
Me: Do you have any pickleball goals?
Augie: Just to be the best I can be.
Me: Final question from me, would you rather beat Ben Johns or play with Ben Johns?
Augie: Can I say both? (Laughing)
That final answer was a diplomatic one, which you would expect from one of the nicest and smartest players on tour.

Augie Ge is a very good player, but he is also an improving player. He is a player with a lot of medals in his future and maybe, just maybe, an MLP championship soon to come.
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