Roscoe Bellamy celebrates a point.
Roscoe Bellamy celebrating a point for Miami Pickleball Club at MLP D.C. Major League Pickleball

Updated standings after MLP Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - With two Major League Pickleball events in the books, here’s a look at the Premier and Challenger level standings.

Premier Level

MLP Premier level standings
MLP Premier level standings. Major League Pickleball

The New York Hustlers are leading the way in terms of total points, but they’ve also played the most matches.

Because not every team has played the same number of matches yet, we can better gauge current success by looking at the number of standings points each team is earning per match.

Here’s what the standings would look like going by that standard.

Challenger Level

MLP Challenger level standings
MLP Challenger level standings. Major League Pickleball

The Atlanta Bouncers and Brooklyn Aces are tied for the league lead in both points and matches played.

Again, let’s re-rank each team based on the number of standings points earned per match.

If the season ended today…

The top six teams at each level advance to the playoffs, so the Texas Ranchers and Miami Pickleball Club would just sneak in.

The Los Angeles Mad Drops and Florida Smash, on the other hand, would be left on the outside.

We’ll see how the standings continue to change (or stay the same) throughout the six other regular season events in 2024.

For now, though, every team at each level will turn its focus to the Mid-Season Tournament set to take place July 10-14 during the Beer City Open in Grand Rapids, MI.