Salome Devidze returning a serve
Salome Devidze at the Vizzy Atlanta Open PPA Tour

Upset Alert: Devidze defeats Waters in women’s singles semis 

ROCKWALL, TX – The No. 1 woman in the world, Anna Leigh Waters was knocked out of the bracket late last night in the semi-finals at the CIBC Texas Open Powered by TIXR. This marks Water’s first loss of the entire 2024 season on the pro pickleball court. 

Who was the victor to take out the previously undefeated women’s singles champ? Salome Devidze, the 4 seed. 

The final score was 8-11, 11-5, 11-7. 

“The weather was tough. [Waters] plays incredible and it was rough conditions, my hand was cramping really bad and I was in a lot of pain,” said Devidze. 

Between the weather delays, the back and forth changing of elements from covered to uncovered courts, the wind, and a match that went late into the evening, the conditions were less than optimal for the pros. 

“But it’s one point at a time, I said to myself that if I’m tired, she must be tired too,” said Devidze. 

“I made quite a few changes in my pickleball game in the last two or three months so I hope it’s paying off,” said Devidze. 

When asked what those changes were, Devidze had this to say:

“I’ve been working on not hitting every ball as hard as I possibly can – even though it feels incredible when I do – I wanted to roll it, spin it, and work angles whenever I go in the middle,” shared Devidze.  

Devidze is now looking for her second gold medal of the year in singles, where she previously won gold at the Pickleball Central Minnesota Indoor USA Championships. But standing in her way is the 3 seed, Lea Jansen

Championship Sunday is going to be a good one.