Catherine Parenteau enjoyed more singles success on Friday.
Catherine Parenteau enjoyed more singles success on Friday. PPA Tour

Waters, Parenteau heading to semi-finals in singles 

SAN CLEMENTE, CA - No. 1 Anna Leigh Waters and No. 2 Catherine Parenteau clinched their respective spots in the singles semi-finals on Friday at the Select Medical Orange County Cup presented by FitVine Wines.

Waters defeated No. 9 Kaitlyn Christian 11-1, 11-2, while Parenteau ousted No. 18 Rachel Rohrabacher 11-4, 11-6 at Life Time Rancho San Clemente.

Waters is seeking her second consecutive singles gold medal after reaching the top of the podium at the Veolia Sacramento Open earlier this month. Parenteau was the runner-up.

Anna Leigh Waters on-site in Southern California.
Anna Leigh Waters on-site in Southern California. PPA Tour

"I'm just a very competitive person. I don't like to lose at anything. I'll be playing UNO with my parents, and I'll be upset if I lose, so I feel like I just have this super competitive nature that even if I'm up in a match or in a game, I really just want to keep pushing and win," said Waters. "In any sport I do, I'm super competitive, so out here it doesn't take much to find the motivation, honestly."

Waters will face No. 8 Judit Castillo in the semis on Saturday, while Parenteau will play
No. 6 Brooke Buckner.