Catherine Parenteau hits a forehand dink.
Catherine Parenteau and Anna Leigh Waters competing at the Select Medical Orange County Cup presented by FitVine Wine. PPA Tour

Waters, Parenteau stop Irvine, Pisnik’s run to claim women’s doubles gold

SAN CLEMENTE, CA - Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau earned their eighth title of the year with an 11-2, 11-6, 11-8 victory over No. 6 seeds Jessie Irvine and Tina Pisnik early Sunday afternoon.

The top seeds completed their title run without dropping a single game, but Sunday’s win didn’t come without its challenges and stiff resistance from their opponents.

“We had to fight really hard, especially in the last two games,” Parenteau said. “They were really tough and making a lot of balls. They have awesome resets, so we had to be very specific on our targets, move the ball around, and wait for a good opportunity to go for our attacks.”


This week was a good one for Irvine and Pisnik, as they picked up victories over No. 2 seeds Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher and No. 5 seeds Hurricane Tyra Black and Parris Todd to make the final.

This is the nineteenth title that Waters and Parenteau have earned together, and the 17-year-old Waters appreciates her friendship with Parenteau that began long before they began competing as a team.

“I’ve known Catherine since I was like 11,” she recalled. “She was playing with my mom, and I always wanted to play with her, so now that we can play together, it’s pretty special.”

The two will have to put their partnership on hold for the rest of the day, though, as they will face off for both the mixed doubles and women’s singles crowns later Sunday afternoon.

In the bronze medal match, Black and Todd took down No. 8 seeds Allyce Jones and Irina Tereschenko 11-1, 11-4.