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Anna Leigh Waters hits a pickleball forehand.
Anna Leigh Waters competing at the Carvana Mesa Arizona Cup. PPA Tour

Waters withdraws from singles ahead of Veolia Austin Open

DALLAS, TX - World No. 1 Anna Leigh Waters will not play singles at this week’s Veolia Austin Open.

A desire to be cautious with an injury she sustained at the Carvana Mesa Arizona Cup is the reason for the withdrawal.

“[I] suffered a minor injury in the last tournament,” she said over text. “[The] doctor said I’m not 100% in singles shape, and [I] don’t want to risk further injury.”

Waters comes into Austin with 97 PPA titles and would have hit the century mark this weekend if she had earned a Triple Crown.

She’s still competing in mixed doubles and women’s doubles alongside usual partners Ben Johns and Catherine Parenteau, but the 17-year-old won’t have a chance to win No. 100 until the Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina Cup in early April.

Waters not being in the draw could give other top women's singles players like Parenteau, Mary Brascia, and Judit Castillo a greater opportunity to take home gold.

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