2024 Pickleball In and Out List

2024 Pickleball In and Out List

DALLAS, TX - A new trend is making the rounds on TikTok and Instagram where influencers and the easily influenced alike are posting their new year’s ins and outs.

This trend is announcing to the world what people want to continue to bring into their lives in 2024, and what they want to leave behind in 2023.

I couldn’t help but connect this to pickleball, so here are some ins and outs associated with our beloved sport.


·      Adding pickleball to your dating profile and seeing if it results in more matches

·      Practicing wall drills like Christian Alshon

·      Developing footwork like James Ignatowich

·      Dress for pickleball success on the court 

·      Perfect an ace

·      Hit an ernie like Tyler Loong

·      Hit a tweener like Alshon

·      Hit a two-handed backhand like Connor Garnett

·      Bounce back on the court like Allyce Jones

·      Kill it in doubles with friends


·      Procrastinating on getting out to the court and playing

·      Partnering up with an anxious-avoidant doubles partner

·      Smacking the ball unnecessarily hard to your lower-ranked opponent 

·      Stealing my partner’s shot in doubles 

·      Lying about line calls (we’ve all done it)

·      Apologizing to your partner when you hit the net 

·      Blaming your paddle when you miss the shot

What are your pickleball ins and outs?

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