Prince Pickleball display at Target
Prince Pickleball display Victoria Radnothy

A review of the "Prince for Target" pickleball collection 

DALLAS, TX – I recently received a text message from a friend that immediately caught my attention: “Hey, have you seen the new pickleball collection at Target?” 

I quickly headed over to my local store to check things out for myself. After all, I am a pickleball fashion aficionado at this point. And I’m also a sucker for a good deal.

Target launched a new pickleball collection with a limited-time partnership with tennis and lifestyle brand, Prince. The Prince for Target display is bold, colorful, and perfect for spring. 

One look at these products and I instantly fell in love with the aesthetic. I absolutely love the old school, 70s retro style that is a collectionn staple.

Prince Pickleball crew white socks green stripes
Prince Pickleball crew socks Victoria Radnothy

We’re talking V-neck cable knit sweaters and matching pleated tennis skirts, and collared tennis dresses with a drop waist that look straight out of the Battle of the Sexes film. It’s just adorable to look at. 

All with the color pallet of emerald green, and Americana red, white, and blue. It's a true homage to the roots of racket sports’. 

As far as the quality of the items is concerned, though, I'm somewhat puzzled.  

Specifically for the $40 Prince Pickleball women’s collared pleated dress. As cute as it was on the hanger, it wasn't soft to the touch. The fabric was so stiff, and not breathable whatsoever. I just don’t think it’d be comfortable at all to wear on the court, especially going into the hot spring and summer months.  

Prince Pickleball display with blue dress, cream dress, and green pullover on hangers
Prince Pickleball display Victoria Radnothy

But the equally priced Prince Pickleball women’s cross-back pleated dress was completely different. The fabric instantly felt lighter, cooler, and much more breathable for athletic gameplay. 

The style is also universally flattering. It’s a fit-and-flare dress with a criss-cross back that makes anyone look like a pro. And it comes in a bold red and navy blue. This one is much more promising. 

If you’re going to give one of these tennis dresses a try, I’d definitely go for the cross-back. 

The graphic tees were cute. I’d actually love to see more fun designs and prints. And the pleated mini skort is made of a lightweight polyester and spandex fabric that's perfect for when things get a little competitive in a game of singles. 

I also loved the accessories, like the crew sockssweat bands, and bags. They’re fun, affordable, and stylish. 

I'd steer clear of the pickleball paddles, however.

Prince Pickleball multicolored paddles in a line
Prince Pickleball paddles Victoria Radnothy

If you’re an avid player, you’re probably just as picky about your paddle and pickleballs as I am. And while I love the colors, patterns, and aesthetic of the paddles, they’re not quite as high-quality as a JOOLA, Selkirk, or Paddletek. 

Just look at the $39 price tag. These paddles are best for beginners and casual gameplay. 

I wouldn’t recommend the paddles for frequent pickleballers. But the cute visors and belt bags could be the perfect accessories to elevate your court style.  

Prince Pickleball white paddle bag and green duffle bag
Prince Pickleball sling bag and duffle bag Victoria Radnothy

"Prince for Target" is certainly on-trend and definitely bringing more exposure to the sport we love. Pickleball is growing. And as more big name brands get in on the action, I’m looking forward to seeing their respective pickleball fashion releases, too.

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