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APP adds noise-reducing OWL paddle as official paddle partner

DALLAS, TX - The Association of Pickleball Players (APP) announced an official paddle partnership with the OWL on Wednesday.

The innovative paddle - featuring noise-reducing technology - was the first paddle to qualify for USA Pickleball's Quiet Category.

According to the APP's press release, the OWL is also the first paddle on the market with multiple patent-pending design features that deliver a 50 percent reduction in total noise profile, a hertz level below 600, and a decibel level below 80.

"The OWL is truly revolutionary as a paddle that meets players' competitive demands while also answering a need that sets it apart in the martketplace," said Tom Webb, APP chief marketing officer. "We are honored to announce the OWL as an official APP paddle, building on our commitment to get more people playing pickleball more often."

The OWL was recently approved by USA Pickleball as an officially approved paddle for use in USAP-sanctioned events like the APP Tour.

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