Cartoon drawing of a pickleball playing orange.
Banks' Orlando Squeeze drawing printed on a shirt. Orlando Squeeze Instagram

Banks McGuffin draws logo for Major League Pickleball's Orlando Squeeze

DALLAS, TX – Now this will fill your heart with joy.

Major League Pickleball's Orlando Squeeze already won best merch among Premier Level teams, but this recent event just knocked it out of the park.

Squeeze member Tyson McGuffin has a daughter named Banks, who was inspired by the team mascot - a pickleball-playing orange - to put her own spin on the squad's logo.

And it’s just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. McGuffin, of course, shared the drawing because it’s delightfully adorable.

Not only did the Squeeze post it on Instagram, they also made the image their profile picture for a few weeks. 

The squad even printed Banks' drawing on a T-shirt for a special giveaway.

What’s so wonderful about this whole story is that the Squeeze are having a blast in a unique and cool way - from the players and their families, to the social media and merchandise people behind the scenes - everyone is enjoying this initiative.

All I ask from the Squeeze is a limited release because I need that shirt in my pickleball wardrobe ASAP.