Texas Ranchers jersey
Texas Ranchers jersey MLP

MLP Premier Level: Team merch ranking

DALLAS, TX – The 2024 MLP campaign has officially begun in Atlanta.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the Premier Level logos and merchandise. There are a few clear standouts, while others need a little bit of love.

Here are my official rankings:

1. Orlando Squeeze

Team Members: Federico StaksrudVivienne DavidTyson McGuffin, Parris Todd

This is such a win for me. Yes, I’m a bit biased since I grew up near Orlando, but they truly nailed it with this logo and color scheme. 

One look at the design and you can immediately see the Sunshine State connection. 

The orange mascot is also a rarity among MLP teams. 

The merch, meanwhile, is exciting and bright. There's a wonderful array of items, including T-shirts, hats, visors, towels, polos, hoodies, paddles, and straw beach hats – and it all makes me smile!

Their designers are absolutely nailing it, and I look forward to more merch drops in the future because I’m utterly obsessed. I seriously have no complaints. 10/10. 


2. Texas Ranchers

Team Members: Etta WrightPablo TellezTina PisnikChristian Alshon

This is a very close second for me. The Texas Ranchers' merch boasts a uniquely Lone Star State theme. The cowboy silhouette holding a pickleball paddle logo is just perfect. 

Texas Ranchers sweat suit set
Texas Ranchers Bone Crewneck and Sweatpants Texas Rachers

The color scheme is consistent and strong with red, white, and blue. It’s exactly what I want from a Texas pickleball team. Americana, western, pickleball, c’mon what more could you need? Just more merch!

The vibes are immaculate. 

3. LA Mad Drops

Team Members: Catherine ParenteauThomas WilsonJade Kawamoto, Hunter Johnson

I really enjoy the color scheme for the Mad Drops and the logo is a cool change compared to the other characters on the MLP teams. The silhouette of a face with hair blowing in the wind with sunglasses and a headband is effortlessly cool. 

All navy blue, white, and forest green is easy on the eyes and satisfying for the pickleball court. 

They’ve got a nice variety of hats, shirts, polos, and sweatbands to represent this California team. They even have a limited-edition Nola Collection designed with Drew Brees where 10% of the proceeds go to the Brees Dream Foundation. Not only is the merch cool, they also know how to give back. 

4. St. Louis Shock

Team Members: Anna BrightKate FaheyHayden PatriquinGabe Tardio

The St. Louis Shock was a surprise bright spot in terms of MLP Premier merch.

Featuring a key city landmark, the iconic Gateway Arch, and putting a pickleball spin on it, was clever and creative.

Blue baseball hat with St. Louis logo
Dad hat St. Louis Shock

They also have the widest variety of gear, including shirts, hats, and hoodies, but they also have some additional items like backpacks, rain jackets, and slides to truly represent from head to toe. 

Solid merch collection with this group.

5. DC Pickleball Team

Team Members: James IgnatowichRachel RohrabacherDekel Bar, Allyce Jones

Black and gold is a superior color scheme for any sports team. It’s clean, sophisticated, and the color of champions. The crest emblem for the logo is unique for an MLP team, so props for being different. And, they were able to incorporate a pickleball design, as well as cleverly turning the D.C. into paddle shapes. The whole thing just works. 

Black t-shirt with gold DC Pickleball team logo
D. C. Pickleball Team Classic Logo Wordmark Tee DC Pickleball Team Shop

They’ve also got a nice selection of shirts, hoodies, trucker hats, snapbacks, as well as replica jerseys. 

6. Utah Black Diamonds

Team Members: Jay DevilliersCallie SmithTyler LoongAlix Truong

White Utah Black Diamonds hat
Utah Black Diamonds Perfomance Hat Fromuth Pickleball

The Utah Black Diamonds have a strong, clean logo design. It’s reminiscent of a ski town logo, but I certainly don’t mind because it’s Utah, so it works. The logo is simple, sleek, and has a clean look on the court. I only wish there was more merch to choose from.

7. Dallas Flash

Team Members: Hurricane Tyra BlackAugustus GeJorja JohnsonJW Johnson

This is a tough one to judge since the team recently went through a rebrand. Now known as the Dallas Flash, the new logo features a lightning bolt. New merch is on the way, but their recent Instagram posts show team members rocking lightning bolt gear. I think we’re in for some electrifying merch soon.  

8. Seattle Pioneers

Team Members: Andrea KoopJessie IrvineCollin JohnsBen Johns

Model smiling with the Seattle Pioneers logo on a white long sleeve shirt
Seattle Pioneers Perfomance Hoodie Fromuth Pickleball

I think this logo could have a lot more fun. Yes, it’s a clean and effective design, but since Seattle is close to the birthplace of pickleball, it would be wonderful to see some of that history incorporated into the look. I love the light blue and navy combo, though. That color scheme is always a win. 

9. AZ Drive

Team Members: Lacy SchneemannKaitlyn ChristianAndrei DaescuDylan Frazier

Arizona Drive logo white hat
Arizona Drive Perfomance Hat Fromuth Pickleball

This logo reminds me of a pickleball spin on the Atlanta Braves logo. I don’t hate it, but I think it could be stronger. I wish there was something more "Arizona" about it, too. Arizona is another pickleball hotspot, and between the gorgeous scenery and iconic landmarks, this merch could be stellar. Honestly, if they incorporated a cactus in there I'd order merch immediately. 

10. Columbus Sliders

Team Members: Brooke BucknerMeghan DizonConnor GarnettRiley Newman

White Columbus Sliders logo hat
Columbus Sliders Perfomance Hat Fromuth Pickleball

When I saw this T-shirt design, I immediately thought of the White Castle logo. The restaurant chain is actually the team's sponsor, so it’s fitting. Since White Castle is a hamburger joint, though, I think the designs and logos could get more creative and delicious.   

11. New York Hustlers

Team Members: Jackie KawamotoLea JansenCarson “CJ” KlingerJack Sock

The New York Hustlers’ merch could also have a lot more fun with their logo. New York is this special place with an unlimited cornucopia of inspiration to pull from. They could be like the St. Louis Shock and pull from New York landmarks, or be like the Orlando Squeeze and instead make it the Big Apple.

And, there’s no pickleball in their logo or MLP, so if you want to rock your favorite team’s merch out on the courts, no one would have any idea it’s a pickleball team. 

12. New Jersey 5s

Team Members: Anna Leigh WatersWill HowellsZane NavratilMariana Humberg

White New Jersey 5's logo hat
New Jersey 5's Perfomance Hat Fromuth Pickleball

I hate that there must be a last-place finsher, but such is the way with rankings. While I appreciate the story behind the New Jersey 5s’ clown logo, I find the clown deeply off-putting. Clowns are just universally creepy. And I’m honestly glad there’s not a lot of gear to judge because I’m creeped out and I don’t like looking at it. 

Sorry, my bias is really showing with this one. 

Who has the best merch for the MLP Premier Level team? Let us know on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).


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