Meghan Dizon, Etta Wright, Vivienne David, and Anna Bright playing quarter-final womens doubles pickleball at Mesa Arizona Cup
Women's doubles quarterfinals at Mesa Arizona Cup. PPA Tour

Best dressed at PPA Mesa Arizona Cup

MESA, AZ – The pros served up some impressive looks during the PPA Mesa Arizona Cup. 

The desert sun was shining and tennis skirts were swishing in the wind.

From emerald green and white combos to plum purple ensembles, here are some of the best fashion choices from the third tournament of the season. 

Mary Brascia and Maggie Brascia

Mary and Maggie Brascia in matching light green skirts and white tops at Mesa Arizona Cup
Mary and Maggie Brascia at Mesa Arizona Cup @marybrascia.pickleball Instagram

Sisters Mary and Maggie Brascia playing against the Kawamoto twins in the ultimate sister showdown wasn’t the only highlight of their week in the Valley of the Sun. They also made the best dressed list with these matching light green skirts from the quarterfinals. Maggie opted for a sleeveless tank top and Mary wore a tight long-sleeve. I’m always a sucker for matching outfits among doubles partners, so this was a major success.

Christine Maddox

Christine Maddox in black tennis skirt, black sports bra, and black shoes at Mesa Arizona Cup
Christine Maddox at Mesa Arizona Cup PPA Tour

Maddox rocked an all-black fit on Humana Championship Court, and she looked fierce. You can’t go wrong with all black because it’s flattering on everyone. What really puts this look on top, though, is her bubble braid with black hair ties. Honestly, it’s all about the details with this look.

Rachel Rettger and Dominique Schaefer

Rachel Rettger in red pleated tennis skirt and Dominique Schafer in Alo Yoga plum outfit at Mesa Arizona Cup
Rachel Rettger and Dominique Schaefer at Mesa Arizona Cup  PPA Tour

While Rettger and Schaefer didn't coordinate outfits, their clothing is top tier individually. With Rettger, it's the skirt that really sells it. I’m a sucker for a pleated tennis skirt, and that raspberry color is completely unique and incredibly cute. Schaefer is sporting this gorgeous plum purple fit that's just the most flattering color I’ve seen on the court. It looks impeccable on her. Great looks, ladies!

Genie Bouchard

Genie Bouchard wearing an all navy blue ensemble and a pop of yellow tennis shoes at Mesa Arizona Cup
Genie Bouchard at Mesa Arizona Cup PPA Tour

Bouchard is a fashionista on and off the court. In Mesa, she showcased a New Balance navy fit that matched perfectly, down to her visor. And with a pop of yellow for her shoes, this look is simple, classic, and stylish. 

Parris Todd

Parris Todd wearing a plum purple tennis dress at Mesa Arizona Cup
Parris Todd at Mesa Arizona Cup PPA Tour

Like Schaefer, Todd also wore a gorgeous plum color. This sleek tennis dress look was so flattering, Todd could wear it just about anywhere and make the best dressed list. Topped off with a matching plum hair bow, it's purple perfection.

Lauren Stratman

Lauren Stratman in white skirt and emerald green top at Mesa Arizona Cup
Lauren Stratman at Mesa Arizona Cup  PPA Tour

Stratman’s pickleball fashion is classic and clean. And usually, she’ll get her mixed doubles partner, Julian Arnold, to color coordinate and match with her – which is always a win. The two wore white and emerald green, a pleasing color combo that looked really sharp on the court. 

Thomas Wilson 

Thomas Wilson in dark green shorts, white t-shirt, white hat, and white sneakers at Mesa Arizona Cup
Thomas Wilson at Mesa Arizona Cup @thomaswilson_pb Instagram

A man FINALLY made the best dressed list! Hats off to Wilson for the white T-shirt, dark green shorts, white sneakers, and white hat. It’s just a good looking fit for men’s fashion. Simplicity is key for men, and Wilson absolutely nailed it.

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