Dominique Schaefer in a navy top and shorts on the pickleball court.
Dominique Schaefer at the Veolia LA Open. PPA Tour

Best dressed at the Veolia LA Open

DALLAS, TX – The California sun clearly inspired some of the more notable looks at the Veolia LA Open.

There was a serious fashion trend on the courts at Los Cab - orange and pink pieces were everywhere - including clementine orange skirts and bold printed pink shirts.

With that in mind, here’s a look at the best dressed pros who sported orange and pink on-site in Southern California.

Lina Padegimaite

Lina Padegimaite in a coral skirt and white top
Lina Padegimaite at the Veolia LA Open PPA Tour

Making her debut on the Best Dressed List, Padegimaite was right on trend in this coral tennis skirt, white tank, and white shoes. What I appreciate about these selections are the matching details. Details are the difference that make the outfit look put together and intentional. Padegimaite took her white and coral color pallet and added white socks, a white baseball hat, a white scrunchie, and even white and coral sunglasses.

Anna Bright

Anna Bright slicing the pickleball in mixed doubles in orange skirt and white top
Anna Bright at the Veolia LA Open PPA Tour

Bright consistently looks cute and sporty. In an orange skirt, paired with a white tank top, white visor, white shoes, and clear eye protection, she fit right in with the California vibe. Even Bright’s ASICS shoes have orange details them. It’s all about the details. 

Mary and Maggie Brascia

Mary and Maggie Brascia in matching pink tops and gray skirts
Mary and Maggie Brascia at the Veolia LA Open PPA Tour

One all-important benefit of having your sister as your doubles partner is that you can plan ahead effectively fashion-wise and coordinate looks. Other than their slightly different colored visors, Mary and Maggie are nearly identical in these outfits... and I love it! And I love that raspberry pink color. It also matches the tournament logo. What a win! 

Dominique Schaefer

Dominique Schaefer in navy outfit and orange shoes
Dominique Schaefer at the Veolia LA Open PPA Tour

Instead of a top or bottom in that trending sunset hue, Schaefer went for the pop of color with her shoes, and it was the perfect choice. Clad in a monochromatic navy look, she looks chic in every way. From the sleek long sleeves to the rope braid in her hair, everything is just so cute. And she’s got the pop of orange with her shoes, too.

Vivian Glozman

Vivian Glozman in a pink tank top and white skirt
Vivian Glozman at the Veolia LA Open PPA Tour

Here's another new face on the list, thanks to her raspberry pink JOOLA top. Glozman paired it with a white skirt, white shoes, white scrunchie, and black baseball hat. This color combination is incredibly flattering and perfect for matching the laid back Golden State vibe on the court.

Lauren Stratman

Lauren Stratman hitting a forehand shot in pickleball
Lauren Stratman at the Veolia LA Open PPA Tour

Stratman never disappoints in the fashion department. Wearing a simple white tank and white shoes, the real standout piece is this ribbed skirt that’s just a really cool texture on the court. And of course, she’s expertly trendy with that gorgeous coral color.

Honorable mentions

These players deserve credit for being on trend with orange and pink choices as well. 

Travis Rettenmaier

Travis Rettenmaier hititng a backhand shot in a pink palm tree shirt
Travis Rettenmaier at the Veolia LA Open PPA Tour

I am a sucker for Rettenmaier’s bold patterned shirts. They just make me smile. He looked like a California local in this hot pink palm tree patterned polo shirt.  

Thomas Wilson

Thomas Wilson in gray shirt and salmon pink shorts
Thomas Wilson at the Veolia LA Open PPA Tour

Wilson has graced the best dressed list before, but this time it’s for his salmon colored shorts paired with a gray T-shirt, white shoes, and a black hat. He likely had no idea how on-trend he would be, but it paid off. 

Quang Duong

Quang Duong in a bright orange shirt
Quang Duong at the Veolia LA Open PPA Tour

Duong may still be a relative newcomer on tour, but he knows exactly what colors to wear in competition. This bright orange polo is ideal for matches in California.

 Who made your best dressed list from the Veolia LA Open? Leave us a comment on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

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