Quang Duong playing pickleball
Quang Duong at the 2024 Indoor USA Championships. PPA Tour

Duong advances to quarterfinals in singles, downs Tellez

CARY, NC – Tenth-seeded Quang Duong defeated seventh-seeded Pablo Tellez 11-3, 11-6 in the Round of 16 of men's singles on Thursday, advancing to the quarterfinals at the North Carolina Cup.

Duong continues to be a force to be reckoned with on the PPA Tour, showcasing his tremendouns skills again and again versus seasoned veterans.

“Pablo is an amazing player, so I really prepared for today,” said Duong. 

The youngster arrived on-site bright and early with his father and brother to help him prepare for the matchup. 

“I worked mostly on my forehand shots. Luckily, I have my brother who’s also a left-handed player, so he helped me drill. I’m still getting used to the weird spins from the lefties, but I’m getting the hang of it,” shared Duong. 

Next up for Duong is a battle against World No. 1 Ben Johns.

Duong has defeated Johns before, so it promises to be an entertaining affair.