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Hidden gems on Pickleball Central

DALLAS, TX – In conjunction with the Pickleball Central Indoor USA Championships, I thought I’d peruse the Pickleball Central online store and do some digging to find some hidden gems and underrated items to gift myself. Here are some of my favorite items. 

Ame and Lulu Baseline Tote

Canvas pickleball tote with pickleball paddle compartment
Ame and Lulu pickleball canvas tote bag Pickleball Central

I didn’t know I needed a pickleball specific tote bag until now, but I have to add it to my cart. Made from a canvas material, this tote comes with the classic large main pocket. It also features an additional paddle-sized outer pocket to make sure you’ve got the most important piece of equipment with you.  

D.hudson Swirlin’ P Hat

pink baseball hat with blue swirling pickleball paddle logo
D.hudson pink pickleball hat Pickleball Central

I love a baseball hat, and this hat is the perfect piece to subtly display your love of pickleball. Offered in pink and black styles, it also features an adjustable back and boasts a microfiber fabric that’s quick drying and breathable. Catch me rocking this hat during the hot summer months at the court. 

Ah.dorned Eliza Quilted Puffy Sling Bag

Black puffy sling bag
Ah.dorned sling bag Pickleball Central

Sling bags are all the rage right now, and I don’t see them going out of style anytime soon. Because they’re just so practical. They’re hands-free, easy, and functional. Available in white, black, and blue, this is the perfect bag on and off the pickleball court.

Pickleball Paddle Charcuterie Board



Pickleball paddle shaped wooden cutting board
Pickleball charcuterie board Picklebacll Central

I’m sorry, but a paddle shaped charcuterie board isn’t a want – it’s a need. Coming in both a large and small size, this board is seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen that will certainly take my hostessing to the next level. Time to throw a pickleball party now. 

Shady Rays Allure Eyewear

Pink tortoise shell sunglasses
Shady Rays sunglasses Pickleball Central

Pink. Tortoise shell. Polarized. There’s nothing else I need to know. Add to cart. 

Georgie & Lou Pickleball Bag

Cheetah print pickleball bag
Georgie and Lou pickleball bag Pickleball Central

If you’re over the moon that cheetah print is back in style, this bag is for you. But if animal print is a little too bold for your taste, it also comes in a sleek white and pink. Where functionality meets fashion is the sweetest spot when it comes to accessorizing, and these bags are perfect. 

Holbrook Centre Court Pickleball Paddle

Green checkered pickleball paddle
Hoolbrook pickleball paddle Pickleball Central

If you’re looking for a paddle that prioritizes good gameplay and a pretty aesthetic, then these paddles are for you. It also boasts a polypropylene honeycomb core that enhances the sweet spot of the paddle. My favorite paddle is the checkered green one that’s perfect and playful for spring.  

Kollectaball K-Court Ball Collector

Pickleball rolling ball collector
Pickleball rolling ball collector Pickleball Central

Now this is beyond cool. A rolling pickleball collector ideal for those intensive training and drilling days. You won’t strain your back retrieving pickleballs anymore! With a capacity of about 30 pickleballs, this collector is one of the best gadgets on the site.  

Racquet Inc. Pickleball Court Mouse Pad

Pickleball court mouse pad
Racquet Inc. pickleball court mouse pad Pickleball Central

For those of us who have to go into the office while longingly looking outside, wishing we could be playing pickleball, this is the mouse pad for us. Guaranteed to add a little personality to your desk and serve as a reminder of your after-work plans, this pickleball mouse pad just sparks pure joy!

There are so many unique products on Pickleball Central, so check out their online store and get all these necessities delivered right to your door.