Alex and Angie Walker smiling at each other.
Alex and Angie Walker at the Veolia Red Rock Open. PPA Tour

Is partnering with a sibling in doubles a good time? Angie Walker loves it

DALLAS, TX – I don’t have a sister, but I’ve played pickleball with my brother - and it's definitely an experience.

I’m truly envious of siblings who partner in doubles and play without wanting to rip each other's hair out. I love my brother, but he’s constantly taking advantage of my weak spots on the court – as brothers do. 

Collin and Ben JohnsJorja and JW Johnson, and Maggie and Mary Brascia are perfect examples of siblings who've joined forces and enjoyed tremendous success.

With that in mind, I chatted with Angie Walker about playing alongside her younger sister, Alex Walker, to learn more about the partnership dynamic.

“We’ve been playing every tournament together this year so far on the PPA Tour since the Masters,” said Angie, who confided that it was difficult to find a consistent partner for gender doubles.

However, Alex went full-time pickleball this year to her sister’s delight.

And the two have played together ever since. 

“It’s been really helpful and great for our game and our improvement to build together as a team. We get together, go back and watch our matches, study things, and grow together,” explained Angie. 

After Alex committed to pickleball on a full-time basis, Angie noticed a vast improvement in her sister's game. 

“Alex always had the talent and the skills. She was a phenomenal tennis player and just an all-around great athlete, so when I first pulled her in to start playing pickleball full-time, she had raw talent just like a tennis player,” shared Angie. “Sticking with her, learning, and growing together has been amazing.”

Like with any solid partnership, Angie and Alex's respective skills just gel.

“Alex is super powerful, so she can put away a shot. She’s also a phenomenal right-side dinker, and I think we complement each other well because I play the left side,” offered Angie. “I like to control a bit of the kitchen and use more roll shots, whereas Alex is strong with her slices, so it just works.”

Interestingly enough, though, the Walkers tend to drill separately.

“We can be more focused in a drilling session apart from each other. There is always something different we need to work on individually,” confirmed Angie. “We just don’t want to stay stagnant with one another.” 


“Alex is amazing,” praised Angie. “She’s my favorite partner.”