Bobbi Oshiro hits a forehand.
Bobbi Oshiro competing for the Frisco Pandas in 2023. Major League Pickleball.

Miami selects Oshiro, Bay Area takes Braverman after trading up

DALLAS, TX - The Miami Pickleball Club and Bay Area Breakers have been making moves Friday, both trading up to earlier waiver selection positions to bring fresh talent into their squads.

The SoCal Hard Eights traded their third selection slot to Miami in exchange for the fifth selection slot and an undisclosed monetary amount.

Miami then used that No. 3 pick to add Bobbi Oshiro in place of Rianna Valdes.


This move pairs Oshiro up with Milan Rane, her usual partner at tournaments. The two have earned three pro medals together and will now represent the 305 alongside Roscoe Bellamy and Eric Oncins.

Shortly afterwards, the Hard Eights traded their newly acquired fifth pick slot to Bay Area in exchange for the ninth pick slot and another undisclosed monetary amount.

The Breakers used that pick to select Jill Braverman, who will replace Rachel Rettger.


This is the second big move that Bay Area has executed during the first waiver period of the year after trading Vivian Glozman to the D.C. Pickleball Team in exchange for Allyce Jones and $100,000 on Thursday.

We’ll see if this new women’s doubles pairing helps the team, which also includes Collin Shick and Patrick Kawka, stay near the top of the Challenger Level standings.