Two women holding a pink and green Barbie branded pickleball paddle on the court.
Barbie X Nettie pickleball paddles Nettie Pickleball

Nettie launches Barbie-branded pickleball gear 

DALLAS, TX – Hi, Barbie! Hi, Ken! (And Allan, too) Let’s play pickleball. 

Nettie Pickleball launched limited edition Barbie-branded pickleball paddles, sets, and gear with an exclusive license with Mattel in celebration of the 65th anniversary of Barbie. 

What’s unbelievably exciting about this collaboration is that Mattel hand-selected brands founded by women to collaborate with, and Nettie Pickleball was one of them.

“The Barbie X Nettie collection is a celebration of women, across several generations, finding confidence, connection, and joy through play,” said Catherine Baxter, Founder and CEO of Nettie. 

Pink doll box with green pickleball paddle inside
Barbie X Nettie Pickleball paddle set Nettie Pickleball

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with one of the original women’s empowerment brands, known across the world for inspiring fans everywhere to dream big and live boldly,” continued Baxter. 

The collection includes pickleball paddles that are USAP approved with a honeycomb core and durable carbon fiber face, as well as a waterproof duffle and sling bag.

Pink and white sling bag and green duffle bag
Nettie X Barbie sling bag and duffle bag Nettie Pickleball

Barbie is the perfect muse for pickleball gear because of the retro styles and bright colors featured with the doll. Case in point was the choice of emerald green and hot pink as staple colors in the collection. 

Additionally – they’re just “Sublime!” 

The pickleball set itself is just adorable in Barbie pink. It mimics a doll case, and instead of a pickleball-playing Barbie (though that would be fabulous,too), it’s a paddle.

The paddle face design is also easy on the eyes. It’s simplistic, stylish, but not over the top. Classic, like Barbie herself. 

Barbie would absolutely slay on the pickleball court (as she does with all her many, many jobs), but I’m keen to see what her outfits would be like, too. If they’re as cute as the Nettie gear, I think Barbie would definitely make the Best Dressed List

This gear is definitely Kenough.