Connor Garnett celebrates a point at the PPA Masters.
Connor Garnett celebrates a point at the PPA Masters. PPA Tour

Pickleball Central invites players to share their stories with Court Connections campaign

DALLAS, TX - It feels like almost every article about pickleball mentions the sport’s community feel and ability to bring people together.

This article is no different and further highlights these aspects of the game.

Meet Court Connections, a new campaign from Pickleball Central that encourages players to share their stories of community and togetherness on the court.

“I think just about anyone you talk to who’s out there on the courts any day of the week has their pickleball story, and it’s very meaningful to them,” said Chris Carson, Vice President of Marketing for Pickleball Central. “The objective of Court Connections is to find and tell those stories—individual stories of players all over the world who, in their own way, get to the heart of why pickleball is so important to people.”

Court Connections description
Share your pickleball stories through 'Court Connections' Pickleball Central

The themes will change each month, allowing players to submit different stories under the contexts of love, fitness, community impact, and more throughout the year.

Fittingly, February’s theme is ‘Pickleball Love Chronicles’ in which players can share stories of love connections formed on the pickleball court, from friendships to romances to familial bonds.

Of course, there’s more in it for you than joining the sport’s larger collective narrative.

One story entry will be selected each month as the winner of a giveaway from one of Pickleball Central's sponsors.

February’s giveaway is sponsored by ONIX and features two ONIX paddles, a 100-count of Dura pickleballs, and two ONIX Pro Team backpacks.

You can read Lucy Kovalova and Matt Wright’s ‘Pickleball Love Connections’ story here, or share your own story for a chance to be featured on the Pickleball Central website and entered in the monthly giveaway.