Quang Duong hits a forehand volley.
Quang Duong and Tina Pisnik competing for the Texas Ranchers at MLP D.C. Major League Pickleball

Sealing the deal: Texas adds Duong to begin Waiver Period 1

DALLAS, TX - The Texas Ranchers used their No. 1 overall waiver pick to replace Martin Emmrich with Quang Duong.


Duong filled in admirably for Christian Alshon at MLP D.C. and evidently did enough to earn himself a full-time roster spot.

This move comes after the team traded Pablo Tellez, its fourth-round pick in April’s draft, to the Brooklyn Aces earlier Thursday morning in exchange for Emmrich.

It’s likely that Texas wanted to execute the trade to ensure that the talented lefty Tellez would not be picked up on waivers by any other Premier Level team.

Duong will now play alongside Alshon in men’s doubles for the Ranchers, but the team's mixed doubles partnerships are still up in the air.

Tina Pisnik and Duong played well at last week’s event and finished with a 3-2 record together. Alshon and Pisnik played together at the season’s first event and went 3-1.

I expect Duong to continue playing with Pisnik to keep the 18-year-old as comfortable as possible, while Alshon partners up with Etta Wright going forward.