Noah Kahan playing his guitar in front of a beautiful backdrop.
Noah Kahan gets an A+ for this amazing effort. Shutterstock

The show must go on: Kahan doesn't let pickleball-related injury slow him down

DALLAS, TX - Pickleball players are tough. Seriously tough.

Take American singer-songwriter Noah Kahan, who tore his calf muscle playing America's fastest-growing sport ahead of a show over the weekend at UC Berkeley’s Greek Theatre.

Under the circumstances, Kahan could have easily elected to cancel the performance... but he didn't.

The 27-year-old Vermont native hit the stage with a knee scooter and gave his fans a night to remember.

A video released on Monday via Kahan's official Instagram account provided some additional insight into the whole situation.

"Marcos [Valles] beat me so bad that I tore my calf muscle," explained Kahan, referencing the band's drummer. "He was so scared of losing to me that he put weird stuff on the side of the court."

Valles made light of Kahan's comments.

"Was it my ball? I don't know, to be completely honest," he said. "It was almost like the "grassy knoll" JFK thing... I really hope he gets better. For real."

Kahan has enjoyed remarkable worldwide success with a multitude of hit songs, including "Stick Season" and "Dial Drunk" (with Post Malone).

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