Jumbo pickleball covered in signatures.
PPA signature pickleball signed by various players. PPA Tour

Which pro has the best signature?

DALLAS, TX – You can tell a lot about a person from their signature. Is it strong and angular? Loopy and expressive? Do they add a a smiley face or a heart for good measure? 

During PPA tournaments, Pickleball Central has the pros sign an oversized pickleball for one lucky spectator to win. Some of the signatures leave a lasting impression, while others are simply undecipherable.

Let’s take a look at some signatures to see whose penmanship reigns supreme.

Parris Todd

Parris Todd's signature PPA Tour

Todd has one of the cutest and most simple signatures, a little cursive P with a bow in the middle that’s just darling. It probably only takes a few seconds to write, so that’s also a logistical win. It's hard to mess up a cute little design like that. Cuteness for the win.

Vivienne David

Vivienne David name in cursive
Vivienne David's signature PPA Tour

David’s signature looks like it’s from my cursive writing class in fourth grade and she was the star student. It’s just perfect. Classic cursive writing with a cute little curly V for some added flare. A+ for David.

Christian Alshon

C Alshon in pointy letters
Christian Alshon's signature PPA Tour

Alshon’s signature is exactly what I would expect from this dynamic player. It’s pointed and a little scribbly. A classic male athlete signature. Nothing too fancy. It's direct, effective, and mostly legible. 

Jaume Martinez Vich

Jaume MV written in cursive with a heart next to it
Jaume Martinez Vich's signature PPA Tour

Oh, this one made me laugh in the best way. Martinez Vich didn’t just sign his name in thick, chunky writing, he also added a little heart which is as cheeky as it is humorous. It fits this expressive pro perfectly. 

Gabe Joseph 

Gabe Joseph's name spelled out in print
Gabe Joseph's name PPA Tour

Joseph’s is funny to me because out of all the scribblings, signatures, and doodles, he's the only one who simply wrote out his name in print. And you know what? That really stands out, in my opinion. Go against the grain and be unique, Gabe! 

Maggie Brascia and Mary Brascia

Mary and Maggie Brascia's curly signatures
Mary Brascia and Maggie Brascia's signatures PPA Tour

Maggie signed her name in chunky, cursive writing as “MaggieB” that is curly, charming, and dainty. But, her signature is made even sweeter when older sister, Mary, signed her name “Mary B" right underneath. The sisterly love is evident even in their signatures. 

Anna Bright 

Anna Bright's name in loopy cursive
Anna Bright's signature PPA Tour

Bright’s signature is loopy, fun, and just easy on the eyes. It’s legible, clear, yet still has some flare to it. Excellent signature. 

Dekel Bar

Dekel Bar's loopy signature
Dekel Bar's signature PPA Tour

 I don’t know what’s going on with Bar’s signature, but I like it! It stands out because it has personality, flare, and incredible movement. This signature is probably the most unique and creative. 

Are the eyes the window to the soul or is it a signature?

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