Hurricane Tyra Black in a white dress and a white bow.
Hurricane Tyra Black at the Selkirk Red Rock Open. PPA Tour

Best dressed at the Selkirk Red Rock Open

DALLAS, TX – The Selkirk Red Rock Open featured some excellent outfits and good gameplay, of course.

There were debut looks and patterns, and even a business in the front, party in the back style. 

Here are the best dressed pickleball pros from the event in Utah:

Callie Smith

Callie Smith in a plaid black, white, and mint green dress
Callie Smith at the Selkirk Red Rock Open. PPA Tour

This was a brand new look for Smith, and I was impressed. She played mixed doubles in this black, white, and mint green plaid dress. It’s a rather unique pattern, considering that players traditionally opt for solid colors or stripes. I also love the slit, so it’s practical as well. 

Mary Brascia

Mary Brascia in a white dress
Mary Brascia at the Selkirk Red Rock Open. PPA Tour

The women’s singles champion won her first PPA title in this all-white ensemble that was clean, sophisticated, and perfect for posing with the trophy. You can never go wrong with a monochromatic look, and I especially love the details. The yellow nails, white necklace, and dangly heart earrings are an absolute win. 

Anna Bright and Callie Smith 

Callie Smith and Anna Bright tapping paddles in blue skirts and green tank tops
Callie Smith and Anna Bright at the Selkirk Red Rock Open. PPA Tour

Whenever Smith plays women’s doubles, both her and her partner will always look coordinated and fun. Smith joined forces with Bright in Utah, and these ladies didn't disappoint.

I love the color combination of the forest green tops and navy blue skirts. And they both even matched their white shoes and white hats. It’s feminine, it’s girly, and they’re looks fit for the pros. 

Hurricane Tyra Black

Hurricane Tyra Black in an all white dress
Hurricane Tyra Black at the Selkirk Red Rock Open. PPA Tour

I love this outfit from Black. What looks like a simple and clean white tennis dress from the front, has this exciting pleated back that’s just such a fun surprise. And like Brascia, Black’s accessories are always fun, too. She always has a cute bow in her ponytail, dangly earrings, and a beaded necklace that ties it all together. 

Martina Frantova

Martina Frantova in black leggings, a strappy black top, and blue shoes
Martina Frantova at the Selkirk Red Rock Open. PPA Tour

We’ve got a new face on the best dressed list. Frantova makes her debut with this sleek all black look that's extremely on-trend with current athleisure fashion. For the past few months, I've seen so many of these strappy crop tops that are an exciting twist on what would otherwise be a simple tank. I also love the baby blue shoes for a pop of color. 

Tyson McGuffin

Tyson McGuffin in pink shoes and a black and white outfit
Tyson McGuffin at the Selkrik Red Rock Open. PPA Tour

I’m just a sucker for the pretty pink SKECHERS shoes because that's definitely working for McGuffin in this outfit. And the fact that his sweat band and the edge of his JOOLA paddle also features a pinkish hue is just unbelievably satisfying. Paired with all black and white, it’s exactly the way to incorporate a pop of color on the court.

Dominique Schaefer

Dominique Schaefer in a navy blue top and skirt with a white visor
Dominique Schaefer at the Selkirk Red Rock Open. PPA Tour

Finishing out the looks is Schaefer, who always serves up some looks at every event. Navy blue is definitely her color, and I love this classic V-neck tank paired with a pleated flare tennis skirt. It’s a style that’s flattering on just about everyone, and it’s absolutely a winning look for Schaefer. Accompanied by a white visor and white shoes, she didn't disappoint.

We’ve got two weeks until the Vizzy Atlanta Slam, which will mark the return of fashion favorites like Anna Leigh Waters. And if the tournament in St. George was a prelude to the looks to come, we’re in for a treat. 

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